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Hello! I would like to recreate an effect similar to the one in the gif below, can someone point me to the right direction?


asked Jul 10 in Engine by Chevi (31 points)

Did you find a solution? I have done something similar to this in the past in Gamemaker. I am going to try and convert it into Godot. Here's the tutorial reference:


I decided to go into more of the mechanics of my project instead of making it look good first, so I'm yet to try to make this.

I'm doing the same. If I figure out a solution I'll share it with you.

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The swaying effect is often achieved with pixel shaders.

The image you provided also appears to have some particle effects, which are easy to pick out because they are a lighter shade of green.

This is a Unity tutorial explaining the concepts for 3D, which you can translate/simplify to do it in 2D with Godot:

You may also wish to combine it with this technique to smooth out the 2D motion:

answered Jul 10 by JimArtificer (699 points)
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