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What I'm trying to accomplish:

  • I want players to be able to see nodes MeshInstance1, MeshInstance2, and GridMap1 when they enter the default mode - A.
  • In mode B some nodes should disappear - only MeshInstance2 and GridMap1 should be visible

I tried doing it with Camera's cull_mask layers:

  • MeshInstance1 is visible in layer 1
  • MeshInstance2 is visible in layer 1 and layer 2

Now the only problem is with GridMap. As soon as I disable Camera's first layer the GridMap disappears. GridMap is only visible in the first layer.

Is it possible to solve without using cull_mask?

In my MeshLibrary there's only one tile which MeshInstance's cull_mask is set to true (enabled) for all layers.

asked Jul 8 in Engine by dydokamil (13 points)

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