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There's an old hack of projecting 3D to 2D where each object is a solid color, and each object is a different color. Then you see which blobs of solid color overlap in the pixel buffer. That tells you which objects are colliding (only useful for some setups of course). Any way to do that in Godot maybe?

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duplicate of https://godotengine.org/qa/7609/2-5d-3d-pixel-perfect-collision-detection because i didn't see my original question show up. sorry. (would be nice if this q&a web site showed me all my questions in my account view!)

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Four years and still nobody answering that ?
Yeah, that means the topic is too hard to achieve. @raoul
Well, answer is, you can do that by either extending the 2D functionalities of the engine, or by making a custom plugin. Here's not the right place to write how to do it though, it would require too much space, many pages of technical information actually. All I can tell is, you have to know how 3D collisions work and get a certain level in computer graphics programming first. Yeah, going from scratch, today still, there's NO BOOK, video or Article fully explaining the way to solve the problem. Since this is an issue, I'll engage myself to write a book on that. But many years will pass first, because I haven't started yet and I still don't have to start.

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Aside from coding, you will need linear algebra, physics and computer graphics programming to handle that. Nobody in the whole world still has a perfect solution to that and NOBODY, including the many devs behind the different popular game engines, took the initiative to implement such system. SAD, but that is.

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