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Hi All, I have a problem with 3D sprite and Far DoF. What happens is that the sprite tends to get blurred even when its distance to the camera is way closer than Far DoF's minimum distance. In its position, the sprite should not be affected by DoF, yet it is. Also, it's only the parts of the sprite that have nothing behind them that get affected.

See link below. This 3D sprite is close to the cam. DoF only starts to take effect many units into the distance. The blue limbo is basically nothing (just fog). It looks as if DoF is blurring the 3d sprite inconsistently based on whether or not there is something between it and the void space behind it? Any tips?

URL to screenshot: https://imgur.com/081J0ck

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Maybe it's related to this bug? Try applying the workaround described there.

Thanks. I didn't see any workarounds in there expect setting Depth Draw to Opaque Pre-pass, which is the default setting. The issue seems to be closed with no resolution offered...

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