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You can install the Godot engine with

pkg install godot

on FreeBSD. But is there a way to export a game for (Free)BSD?

asked Jul 6 in Engine by Liemaeu (98 points)

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Since Godot doesn't provide pre-built FreeBSD export templates, you have to compile your own. You can then reference it as a custom export template in an X11 export preset and it should work as-is.

Note that the export template version must match the editor version exactly. For instance, if you use Godot 3.2.2, build a 3.2.2 export template. Don't mix and match versions :)

answered Jul 9 by Calinou (6,560 points)
selected Jul 9 by Liemaeu

Can I built the export templates with platform=linuxbsd on GNU/Linux or must this be done on BSD?

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Yes. You can export Games for X11 Desktop Environments:

enter image description here

answered Jul 6 by juppi (304 points)

So the "Linux"-version also runs natively on (Free)BSD?

It doesn't. Linux binaries don't run on FreeBSD as-is (not without the Linux compatibility layer at least).

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