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Has anyone managed to do push notifications on android ? If yes, how ?
Thanks in advance.

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Actually, there are two types of notification.
One is Local notification and the other is Push notification.
You need a server for Push notification.
Is that you want?

@volzhs Yes.

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Hm. First of all, you need to know a lot of things.

  1. Make a module for android to handle notification

  2. How to collect UID and remove UID when uninstall

  3. How to handle with notification on client

  4. How to send notification message

This can't be a short answer.

There's alternative way with Firebase.
See also https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/

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I guess we'll need a community effort to make a MIT licensed module :)

I still wish to have an abstraction that worked on all platforms (if such thing is feasible).

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