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Hello, I am very new to Godot and am trying to set up Vs Code as my external code editor (C#). I have VS Code installed with C# and Mono Debug extensions.

In my editor settings, I have Mono->Editor->External Editor set to Visual Studio Code.
In Text Editor->External, I have Use External Editor checked, Exec Path set to my VS code.cmd (per these instructions: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/getting_started/editor/external_editor.html#using-an-external-text-editor) and Exec Flags set to {project} --goto {file}:{line}:{col}.

When I open or create a C# script, it does not open Code, and in the output I get the following errors:

modules/mono/glue/gd_glue.cpp:250 - Cannot find code editor: VSCode
editor/plugins/script_editor_plugin.cpp:2054 - Couldn't open script in the overridden external text editor

If I attempt to open a GDScript file like this, it does nothing.
If I instead target the VSCode.exe file under Exec path, I get the same error when opening a C# file, but GDScript actually works and opens VSCode.

Please, did I do something wrong? Not install something? I see that there have been other external editor related questions in the past, but they seem to have different error messages or be a couple years old.

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I seem to have resolved the problem by disabling Mono->Editor->External Editor and only having Text Editor->External settings enabled.

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