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I try to export game for Linux but ran into a problem: Linux dont read file. (I should say I never using Linux before and running it on Virtual machine. I Exported project on windows.)

In export folder I have "game.app.x86.pck" and "game.app.x86.x86_64". Linux don't run any of it.
What I have to do to run game?

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Have you tried adding permissions? Right click to the game.app.x86.x86_64, select properties, then permissions, and check the "allow execute" or something similar.

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Virtual machines generally don't provide 3D acceleration by default, which is required to run Godot (as well as exported projects).

Try using Linux running on bare metal instead (e.g. from live media), or find a way to set up a software OpenGL fallback in the virtual machine such as llvmpipe.

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