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I'm using the Area2D and the signal i need gives an Object variable, how can i access it using the connect() function(or another one)

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I don't understand well your question.

Area2D sends you a signal and you can handle it like this, for example:

func _ready():
    area2d.connect("area_enter", self, "_on_object_enters_area")
    # Note: you can also connect the signal from the editor

func _on_object_enters_area(obj):
    # Do stuff with obj

Well how do i get the object reference from the signal to the function to do code stuff with it?

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Guides/Info about signals:

The variable is just sent.

when you see a signal described in the documents like this: area_enter ( Object area ) . The things between the ( ) are automatically sent.

All you have to do is connect your signal with connect() and then give room for the variables in the function that is being called.


func signalTriggerThis(area):

You can also add variables to a signal.
with extra vars: connect("area_enter", self, "_on_object_enters_area", [myVar1, myVar2])
with out: connect("area_enter", self, "_on_object_enters_area")

but you need to make room for them in your function that gets triggered:

func signalTriggerThis(area, myVar1, myVar2):
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