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What are the scenes and codes for moving a car?
Please tell

asked Jul 1 in Engine by abbos (27 points)

Please do not ask the same question more than once.

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It could be worth your time having a look on YouTube for tutorials. Then once you’ve got the code basics sorted you can refine it and make it work how you want it, and if you come across problems with what you’ve written already I’m sure this wonderful community will be able to help.

answered Jul 2 by Pixelope (48 points)
selected Jul 3 by abbos
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No offence man but instead of asking a straightforward question like that, you should add a bit more detail like, should i use an animated sprite or an animation player and maybe add some links to your models so people can see what they are moving, just a little heads up for next time :)

answered Jul 1 by DanioDevs (20 points)
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