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Hello, I've been using Godot for four months now, and despite that I've come across something really simple. I just can't allign 2D nodes vertically or horizontally. I try matching the X and Y number for both nodes, but for some reason both sprites end up on completely different places and don't allign. I don't know if there's something else I have to do, and I couldn't find an answer anywhere. Thanks in advance.

asked Jun 30 in Engine by SNES1990 (12 points)

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More details would be nice, but...

Node locations are relative to the location of their parent. I assume the offending nodes have different parents that themselves have different positions.

answered Jun 30 by jgodfrey (6,576 points)
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You are probably setting their position (based on their parent node).
Try to set their global_position and see if it works.

answered Jul 1 by Bypell (34 points)
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