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I just upload my first plugin to GitHub Path Editor

And now i want upload it to the Asset Library, but I'm stuck in one step:

Download Commit

i do not know how to get "the commit hash that should be downloaded" (https://github.com/newold3/PathEditor/tree/master/addons/PathEdit)

any help?

Preview My plugin in youtube:


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I've never submitted anything to the Asset library and the docs are sort of strangely worded, but... I assume that it wants the hash of the commit that should be retrieved from GitHub. Looking at the provided GitHub link, I think that'd be this:


Near the top of your GitHub project page, you'll see this:

newold3 committed 863ac17 2 hours ago

If you click that short hash (it's a link) that leads to a page that has the full hash in the URL (which is what I copied above). The same hash value is also listed in the page itself.

Again, not 100% sure, but I think that's what you want...

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thanks for help, i see now where is the hash in GitHub

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