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I have a Player and i if I jump I want that the AnimatedSprite has the jump texture and when I land it should come back to idle. But idle has only one frame and I want to call a method when it goes to idle and not when idle is finished because it emits the animation_finished signal forever. Should I just change the AnimatedSprite to a Sprite and change the texture and then call a method to do something? Or a better question would be how to stop the animation from playing forever. I just want it to play once.

asked Jun 25 in Engine by MaaaxiKing (291 points)

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I found out that in the bottom left corner there's a Loop ToggleButton enabled by default. Just disable and it's fine.

answered Jun 25 by MaaaxiKing (291 points)

But can I make that a function is called everytime an animation was changed?

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