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Hello. I have a parallax background which contain of 20 air particles image, randomly floating in the screen. When the air particle move out from the screen, I wants to re-position that air particle. However, screen exited signal from visibilityNotifier2D does not work well here (screen exited signal get triggered even when air particle does not exit game screen yet).

Anyone please guide me on this.

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i have the same problem, I have a parallax background which contains a fireplace(2d Node) with 2d CPUparticles2D. i want when the player gets closer to the fireplace the CPUparticles start emitting and when he exits it stops playing, but the visibilitynotifier2D emits the entered signal even before reaching the fireplace 2d node, it solves the problem when i place the fireplace out side of the parallax layer.

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