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I have a custom theme and custom font for the UI in my game, both of which I set as default in project settings. My custom theme only contains the font and a custom scrollbox. For some reason, whenever I enable the theme as default it causes my text to duplicate and overlap self as pictured below:

enter image description here

here it is shown better at a smaller size (with a different font which makes it more apparent):
enter image description here

I've changed every possible extent in the font resource, none of them had any effect. I even created a new blank theme, and it caused the exact same problem. I have no clue what could be causing this and it's really stalling my UI progress.

asked Jun 23 in Engine by DigitalDrako (108 points)

if you could share the font and font png we could help and test easier. but looks like a shadow. thanks

It happens regardless of font (image one and two are separate fonts) and only occurs when I apply a theme. Is there a shadow option in the theme that got toggled somehow?

Yeah you were right, it's shadow. I'm not sure why this was turned on by default, thank you for curing my stupidity man!

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