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The dynamic font resource in my game overlaps itself regardless of which font I use. It's most apparent at small font sizes, but at larger font sizes it's just as evident (just more muddled)

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No matter how much I fiddle with font settings, I can't fix it and I have no clue what's causing it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Do you have a Theme in use?

I fiddled around with the theme to some interesting results. When I disable default font in project settings, the issue is still apparent with godots default font. When I disable default theme but enable default font, the issue goes away EXCEPT for the labels attached to some instanced buttons. Not sure what's causing this discrepancy.

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You may brute force this by increasing the extra spacing which can be seen under settings on your font

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I tried that but sadly it moves both "instances" of the font so it doesn't solve overlapping. I'm adding a comment with more info to the question

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