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I have a translation file that looks like this:

I imported it successfully and also added the .translation files in the project settings. However, when I make a label and call that ACTION_JUMP_DEFAULT or call tr("ACTION_JUMP_DEFAULT"), it will just display "ACTION_JUMP_DEFAULT" instead of the translation

I really have no idea how to fix this

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Your game's locale may be set to something other than en or de.

Also, confirm that Project Settings > General > Rendering > Locale > Fallback is set to en.

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How do I change the game's locale in the editor?

The game's locale, if it's set from the godot project launcher, is set to en and the fallback is at en too

You can force a specific language using the command-line argument --language. For instance, in your project folder, run:

path\to\godot.exe --language de

That doesn't work either, it just gives back the key
Also, I really don't know what's wrong with the csv

Translation table
Here's an ingame screenshot:

Ingame screenshot

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