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Sorry for the long title. I've recently started programming in Godot (In fact its my first attempt at game development), watched a couple tutorials and decided to make a simple 3D top-down puzzle game for fun, but I've hit an obstacle already.
The idea is to make the player turn smoothly while changing directions, like if they were using a joystick controller (picture ACNH movement). I've looked for some examples and demos online, but most of them were 1st person style, which doesn't really work for me.

So far I've tried 2 approaches to this:

  1. Lerp'ing between rotation angles while moving the character towards that direction.

  2. Making a spatial node orbit around player, then just making the player look and move towards the node.

Neither of those two worked well, I was starting to plan something even more complicated as a solution, but decided to take some input from the community instead.

Thank you!

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