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Since I am using C#, the in-built script editor is no good. I have set "Mono -> Editor -> External Editor" to Visual Studio Code. The problem is that now whenever I double-click a "tscn" file in the FileSystem panel, if the "tscn" file has a script, or click the "Open in Editor" button next to a sub-scene, Visual Studio Code gets launched and steals focus from the Godot Editor.

Is this a bug? If not, is there any way to stop this behaviour? I do not always want to edit the script when I open a scene.

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When you open up a scene, any attached scripts are opened in the editor. Since you are using an external editor, Visual Studio is used instead. There may be a setting which stops the editor from opening any attached scripts. But I'm not at my computer ATM to check.

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Editor > Editor Settings > Text Editor > Files:
Disable "Open Dominant Script On Scene Change"

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Personally, I think, by default, this action should not be applied when an external editor has been set. Very annoying.

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