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hi, have some question about godot_headers that it have all the declarations about functions but doesn't have any implementations how does that even compile in the first place? at runtime how it resolves them with c++ types and methods what under the hood? I'm so confused about how it works?

asked Jun 18 in Engine by SomeDev (15 points)

Have you worked with C/C++ before? If I recall, that's a common programming practice.

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Thats really common in C++ Development :D
you can find the "real" code in the godot-repo on GitHub. https://github.com/godotengine

You can use the headers for example to build bindings.
And the bindings + Headers are used to compile Gd-native-Librarys. Those Library don't have any life in it, until you throw them into the Engine.

But the main implementations of the hot stuff are always in the Codebase of the engine

I can recommend you to take a look at my Godot C++ Steam Guide. This will help you out to understand the possibilitys :D

answered Jun 19 by ProggerParrot (118 points)
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