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I am making a inventory with the ItemList Node right now and I got the following questions. They are all questions about changing the look of the ItemList.

1.How can I change the texture of the following things in a ItemList Node?:
-The scrollbar on the right
-The Small thing inside the scrollbar (dont know the name of it in english)

2.How can I turn the effect off, that if I do something in the ItemList Node, that it gets a blue outline then?

3.How can I turn it off, that when I click on a collum in the ItemList Node, that it gets a light gray background?

4.How can I turn off, that between every row of Icons, there is a small black/grey line.

Thanks for answers!

PS: If you dont know every of this 4 questions, i would like if you wride what you know,too.

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You can change all those things in the property inspector of the ItemList:

1: Add a custom theme under Theme > Theme > New Theme, then click Edit Theme > Create Empty Editor Template in the theme view (it will open at the bottom of the window) and then set new styles for V Scroll Bar > Scroll and V Scroll Bar > Grabber.

2: Set Focus > Focus Mode to "None". The blue outline shows that the ItemList holds the current input-focus, meaning you can navigate it with the keyboard.

3: Provide a different style under Custom Styles > Selected (and Selected Focus, if you haven't set the focus mode to "None"). If you want to get completely rid of it, just choose "New StyleBoxEmpty", otherwise consider the other options.

4: I don't think there is a way to disable those. However, you can set Custom Colors > Guide Color equal to the background color of your ItemList to make them invisible.

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