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I have a singleton with 5 variables, how can I make their changes permanent? Like a save and load script, and where should I put that script? (on the player's script?)

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Not sure if I can follow... You want to save (the variables in your singleton script to a file?) but don't load them when the game is started back? Why save them then?

changed the question, I wrote it badly

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I also don't understand why saving but not loading but look here.

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extends Node

const _path := "user://Store.cfg"
var _file := ConfigFile.new()
var _dataDefault := {
    "all": {
        "remember": true,
    "f": {
        "token": "",
        "email": "",
        "refresh": "",
        "id": ""
    "n": {
        "token": "",
        "email": ""
var data := _dataDefault.duplicate()

func _init() -> void:

func read() -> void:
    if _file.load(_path) == OK:
        for section in data.keys():
            for key in data[section]:
                data[section][key] = _file.get_value(section, key)

func write() -> void:
    for section in data.keys():
        for key in data[section]:
            _file.set_value(section, key, data[section][key])

func clear() -> void:
    data = _dataDefault.duplicate()
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Store.data.n.token = "test"

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