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I was really impressed by this trailer:


How to create the similar level of graphics using Godot? Is it possible? What's secret?

I think, there will be a huge system requirements, but this is not problem at current moment.

So, is it possible?

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The answer here depends on what you mean by similar.

Could you recreate visuals like that yourself? No, because it is likely over 100 people worked on that game and no tool currently exists that would make up that difference.

Could you pay 100 industry professionals to make that exact project in Godot if you had the money? Also likely no, because I don't think Godot can do the hair physics that you see in that trailer. It might someday, but I hope they focus engine development in other areas.

Could you make a game that looks like a graphically updated version of Zelda 64 with Godot? Yes, with a great deal of effort, you could.

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I don't know. Hire the right programmers, and the engine could have great hair physics in no time. ;)

I asked only about render, not physics.

For i.e. I could create only one character at that style. But will Godot be able to render it?

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