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If I have some enemies aout of screen, and they use an animation player to make their animation, is better to stop the animation player with a visibility notifier?
I ask this because of:
I have some lag problems, I have an almost finished game (simple 2d platformer), the biggest problem is that is’n 100% smooth. So when I am playing my beta test from google play, in some medium or low devices the game get laggy (you can play but not smoothy) the screen freeze for miliseconds some times, On pc and some medium or high devices, works well. When uploading to google play, play console show me some warning with graphics, which I don’t know how bad is it. I got some tips like , if you use a lot of get_node, it’s better to save it on an onready var, I passed from gles 3 to gles 2, I passed my particles 2d to GPU particles. The game improved a little. Also when playing the game if I go to monitor I got 16 ms on process, 60 fps, 0,4 ms on physics process, 30 mb of static memory. I dont know If this values are normal or bad, but when playing process some times rise to 17, static memory to 40 and physisc to 0,8 or 1 ms

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