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In Editor and build-in help there is only PoolColorArray, but on the website it's PackedColorArray, the same for other pool arrays.
And for example in the Editor there is only PoolIntArray but on the web help there is PackedInt32Array & PackedInt64Array.

What's going on? Should documentation issue be opened? I thought API docs are generated automatically.

asked Jun 15 in Engine by 1shevelov (76 points)

Didn't find any issues with that in godot-docs repo issues

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What's going on?

Godot 4.0. You linked to latest, but on stable it's still called PoolColorArray.

answered Jun 16 by njamster (8,986 points)
selected Jun 17 by 1shevelov

Wow! I thought "latest" means "latest stable".
And 3.2.2 is still on beta...

Thanks for clearing this thing for me!

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