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I want to make rocket some thing like this (image in below link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z_j8emRdXXtHkbUHrx15r1P30FS3YXQw/view?usp=sharing
Those triangle thing are thrusters. I want to control rocket by rotating the thruster and using differential thrusting.(I mean two thruster will have independent speed).I implemented thruster and rocket body in rigidbody and joined them using pin joint .My thrust vectors are rotated in direction of thruster.
But now I am facing difficulty , controlling thruster rotation accurately is difficult since its rigidbody.

Is my rigidbody idea bad idea? What is other way to implement it?
I am noob in godot any advice would be great!

Thank you.

asked Jun 15 in Engine by Bruce (16 points)

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