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I got a kinematicBody2D with an animatedsprite as child. I use $animatedsprite.scale.x = ...
to change its size, but what can I do to change the KinematicBody2D's size? (it is the main parent of the scene)

asked Jun 12 in Engine by MightyRat (55 points)

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You can go to the Transform option under Node 2D which is on your right Inspector Window and further Scale your Sprites easily

answered Jun 12 by Scavex (194 points)

How can I do that with code?

I don't understand though. Lets say you're increasing the size of your sprite, you should simply increase the collision shape along with the increased sprite. I am also pretty new but hey, maybe you want to do something cool. As far as I'm concerned I don't think there's any way you can increase size of Kinematic body, after all it requires a sprite and a collision shape as two of the important parts. Increasing them both should do the trick. Can you tell what exactly it is that you're trying to do ?
You should try increasing you Collision Shape along with the sprite using :

$CollisionShape2D.scale.x = Any value
$CollisionShape2D.scale.y = Any value 
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