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My workflow started with learning MagicaVoxel for asset creation, and I have become very comfortable in that program. In MV, to orbit my view around a center point, I hold right click and drag. In Godot, this behavior rotates the camera in place, around it's own centerpoint. I am fine with having this behavior accessible to me via Shift + F, and would prefer to be able to set right click to orbit the current center point.

Additionally, if this is possible, is there a keybind for setting an arbitrary center point? In MV, holding X and clicking somewhere relocates the centerpoint, instantly transforming the camera's position by maintaining all offsets, distances, pitches, yaws, what-have-you from the previous center point and applying them to the new one. I then zoom in or pan/orbit around as needed to get my bearings.

Thank you all for your time and help.

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The mouse buttons for these actions are currently hardcoded, so I'm afraid they can't be changed without modifying Godot's source code and recompiling the editor.

This may be added to 3.2.x and 4.0 though (no guarantees).

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