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im trying to make an rpg moblie game with a joystick an some button
my node tree is :
player (rigid body):camera(camera2d):joystick(touchscreenbutton), button1(tuochscreenbutton)

when ever the player move, the texture of the button move with the camera but the shape off the button stay still and in some cases the shape of the button isnt event in the middle of the button texture unlike in the editor

asked Jun 11 in Engine by kietjay123 (24 points)
edited Jun 11 by kietjay123

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What do you mean with touchscreen? There's no node with this name! Reparent you joystick and button1 to player.

answered Jun 11 by MaaaxiKing (291 points)

sr i fixed it , the reparenting didn't work
enter image description here

the shape of the joystick or any button i made always seem to be above the texture by the same length like above

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