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so in Godot tutorial when they add the collision 2D to an object, they say to stretch the figure after you give it a shape and always grab the inner circlescollision shaperso, in my program of godot i dont have the rectangle and the inner orange circles, it just haves some random circles and i want to know how to enable them to see because i have problems when stretching my nodes with the child nodes

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That image is from an old version of Godot. The orange rectangle does not appear around collision shapes any more so that advice is not necessary.

What do you mean by "random circles"? If you added a capsule shape, you'll see two size handles to adjust its height and width.

Make sure you're using the current version of the docs:

Note the "3.2" in the URL. You can select the docs version at the bottom of the left column on the docs page. You can also choose "stable", and it will show the docs for 3.2.

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thank you!!!! sorry i'm super new to this

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