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I came across a really strange quirk today while coding a "shield" health system:

var Armor = 50.0

func _ready():

func damage(amount):
    Armor -= amount * 2 / 3

This sets armor to the expected value (~16.66), however:

func damage(amount):
    Armor -= amount * (2 / 3)

This does not subtract anything from the armor. Armor remains at 50.

I prefer to have my fractions formatted in parentheses for more readable code. Why does this make a difference?

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This is about integer division. 2 / 3 == 0 while 2.0 / 3.0 = 0.6667

The reason the first version works is because of order of operations. amount * 2 results in a float, so dividing by 3 results in the expected value.

As long as one of the operands is a float, then the result will be a float, so you can do:

Armor -= amount * (2 / 3.0)
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Duh! I can't believe I forgot about that. I just needed a fresh pair of eyes on it, thanks :)

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