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Just started using the engine so i don't know if im dumb or this is a bug

I have a script with a class_name and in tool mode that I intend to use as a custom node, the code in _ready() runs when I add it through the editor. It checks if there's a canvas layer and if the scene i want to add (Interface.tscn) is in that canvas layer. If not, it creates them.

extends Node
class_name Holder

func _ready():  
    if !has_node("CanvasLayer"):
        var canvas = CanvasLayer.new()

    if !has_node("CanvasLayer/Interface"):
        var interface = load("res://Scenes/Interface.tscn").instance()
        var canvas = get_tree().get_edited_scene_root().get_node("CanvasLayer")
       canvas.add_child( interface )
       interface.set_owner( canvas )

The canvas layer works as intended, but the scene doesn't get added no matter what i do. It even appears in the viewport but not in the Scene tree panel. When I reload the scene it's not anywhere. There are no errors in the console.

It only works properly when I add the scene in the root node like the CanvasLayer

I also tried simply doing it like in-game code:

var canvas = get_node("CanvasLayer")

But It just gives me "Node not found: CanvasLayer." in the console

And using "gettree().getroot()" like:

var canvas = get_tree().get_root().get_node("CanvasLayer")
    canvas.add_child( interface )
    interface.set_owner( canvas )

Adds the interface scene to the editor itself

asked Jun 7 in Engine by pox (17 points)

I'd try preloading the scene into an onready var first and then instance that. Or, use calldeferred for adding the child inside of _ready(). From memory: calldeferred("addchild", childnode) - something like that.

I tried using preload onready and:

func _ready():
  if !root_node.has_node("CanvasLayer/Interface"):
    print("no interface")
    var interface = preload("res://Scenes/Interface.tscn").instance()
    var canvas = root_node.get_node("CanvasLayer")
    canvas.call_deferred("add_child", interface)
    interface.call_deferred("set_owner", canvas)

Same result on both (and combined), the scene "Interface" appears on the viewport but not in the scene tree, and when I reload the scene it's on the same state or just simply gone

I just had the same problem when trying to make an editor plugin. Did you find a solution or should we raise an issue on GitHub?

Nope, I gave up long ago, I made my custom node not interact with anything. I don't really plan to use this anymore but it would be pretty neat to have all the necessary nodes automatically appear to avoid problems, but I realised you can have them all in one tscn if you really need it...

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