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Hi, I am new to coding, but I am learning quickly and I am finishing my first 2D rpg level and as the final boss I wanted to put someone that would have spawn enemy at random location around him when hit.
It is going all good but during the script I put something like this:

var rand = 0
var randx = 0
var randy = 0

func _percentage():

    rand = rand_range(0,100)

    if rand > 90:
        randx = rand_range(-200, 200)
        randy = rand_range(-200, 200)

        var enemyscene = load("res://Enemy.tscn")

        var enemy = enemyscene.instance()

        enemy.position.x = randx
        enemy.position.y = randy


But then the enemy being child node of the boss move with him and so they are pretty useless.
How can I do to spawn an indipendent node?
Thank you very much

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The simple solution to this is: don't make the new enemy a child of the boss. Add it as a child to the world node, or whatever higher-level node you have in your scene.

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actually that did not occured to me, and the answer is so easy.
Thank you a lot

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