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I a trying to make a game with Asteroids-like graphics and I am using lots of Lines2d and Polygons2d. In the game one of the core mechanics is based around lighting, where every ship produces some light and this affects the behaviour of its sorroundings. One of the things that I wanted to implement is some glow around light sources, but I have not been able to acomplish this so far. It cant be baked into the light, as the shape of everything is dynamic and made from scripts. I could not make it with a World Environment either, as it also makes glow appear in objects that are very close to the light source (which should not glow). I tried making a slightly bigger line2d around objects and then putting translucency over it, but this generates a brighter intersection between the caps and I have not been able to blur it (normal sprite shaders do not work). I am fairly new to Godot and could not find any tutorials or questions on how to do this online, so any help would be really appreciated.

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