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I am having a problem with saving through the Config File. With the application running the script works perfectly, on PC and android. However, when I close the app and restart, only the PC is recognizing the save file, android does not. I have tried to use all possible extensions (.cfg, .txt, .tres, .sav, etc.) and I have also used the recommended path ("user: // file"), without success. I've already checked if the file was being created and it was, but it wasn't being read by the app, and I don't know why. The code for SaveSystem, load and save is below:


extends Node

var save_path = "user://redacao_salva.cfg"
var config = ConfigFile.new()
var load_response = config.load(save_path)

func _ready():

export var redacao = {
    titulo1 = "",
    texto1 = "",

    titulo2 = "",
    texto2 = "",

    titulo3 = "",
    texto3 = "",

    titulo4 = "",
    texto4 = "",

    titulo5 = "",
    texto5 = ""

func saveValue(section, key):
    config.set_value(section, key, redacao)


func loadValue(section, key):
    redacao = config.get_value(section, key, redacao)

save in running:

func _on_Button2_pressed():
    $ColorRect/esceverredacao/ColorRect2/menu/mensagem_salvar.visible = true
    yield(get_tree().create_timer(2.0), "timeout")
    $ColorRect/esceverredacao/ColorRect2/menu/mensagem_salvar.visible = false
    var tema = $ColorRect/esceverredacao/ColorRect2/tema.text
    var redacao = $ColorRect/esceverredacao/ColorRect2/redacao.text

    var redacao_salva = {
    titulo = tema,
    texto = redacao

    var save_file = get_node("/root/SaveSystem").redacao
    save_file["titulo1"] = redacao_salva["titulo"]
    save_file["texto1"] = redacao_salva["texto"]

    get_node("/root/SaveSystem").saveValue("Redacao", "Redacao")

load in running:

func _ready():
    SaveSystem.loadValue("Redacao", "Redacao")
    var load_ = get_node("/root/SaveSystem").redacao

*Remembering that this scheme works perfectly on the PC and the file is generated and read by the app normally, the problem happens when I install the .apk on android. The saving happens with the app running, the file is generated, but the app does not read the information when restarted.

asked Jun 4 in Engine by arnomleonam (16 points)

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