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I have "Track Record", "Current Lap", "Last Lap" and "Best Lap" labels. I got the Current Lap and Last Lap working correctly. But Last Lap (and Best Lap for that matter) gets back to zero once the level (or game) restarted. I need the Last Lap and Best Lap permanently stay there even after the game restarted. I would appreciate any solution you may suggest.

In case you need the script I have:

extends VBoxContainer
var CurrentLap = "Current Lap: "
var LastLap = "Last Lap: "
var BestLap = "Best Lap: "
var ms = 0
var s = 0
var m = 0
func process(delta):
if ms > 9:
s += 1
ms = 0
if s > 59:
m += 1
s = 0
text(str(CurrentLap) +str(m)+":" +str(s)+":" +str(ms))
func onTimertimeout():
ms += 1
func _on
$LastLap.set_text(str(LastLap) +str(m)+":" +str(s)+":" +str(ms))
m = 0
s = 0
ms = 0

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Store the value in a Global variable.

See here

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Thanks deaton64!

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You can save all variables you want with this: https://godotengine.org/qa/44278/need-help-to-figure-out-how-to-sa

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You are my hero, MaaaxKing! Mega thanks! :D

Nice to hear that ;D

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