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Hello. I wants to create a one-direction growth screen to fit into multiple android device.

Currently I have:
Window display size : 1080 * 1920
Mode : 2d
Aspect : expand
Shrink : 1

Situation 1 (test width: 360, test height: 640)
This settings works well. My sprite at position x = 0, is located at the left most position as expected.

Situation 2 (test width: 560, test height: 640) (to simulate tablet device)
This settings start working weird. My sprite at position x = 0 has no longer located at the left most position.

How to make the viewport to growth in only in direction in x and y (eg: growth at positive x-axis and position y-axis), so that position x = 0 is always at the left most position?

Please guides me if my method of handling multiple screen resolution with Godot is wrong. Anyone please help.

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