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Hi All. I'm having a problem with cells on a 3d grid map. I have cells with png textures fading out - I'm using those on edges od the tile map. Whilst all material parameters are identical to other tiles (just different texture), these faded ones somehow render on top of the player - see here: https://imgur.com/zmKRZeZ
They are all on the same grid floor, basically identical just with a faded png texture. They also do that at seemingly random camera angles (when I orbit the cam, the rendering is correct from some angles bu there seems to be no rule to which). Help!

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did you try to change the player's Z Index?

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If I do this it will impact everything else in the scene.
I patched it up by changing the render priority on this particular material to -1, which only works because i'm not using render priority on any other material and that way this one will render behind everything else. But if at any point down the line I will want there to be something underneath this cell item, i'll be in trouble again.

Either way, this should not be happening. Like I said, it's only doing that from certain angles and with certain objects. There is no consistency in this behavior so I'm guessing it must be some sort of a rendering bug in the engine?

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