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Hi. I tested with light and shadow demo project available in free template tabs of godot. It run well in desktop, but the shadow and occlusion does not work on my android device. The android device i am using is API19, which is quite old. Logcat shows the following error when loading this project:

/org.godotengine.dlightsandshadows E/godot: **ERROR**: Condition "status != 0x8CD5" is true. Returned: RID()
/org.godotengine.dlightsandshadows E/godot:    At: drivers/gles2/rasterizer_storage_gles2.cpp:5330:canvas_light_shadow_buffer_create() - Condition "status != 0x8CD5" is true. Returned: RID()

I barely remember the shadow works in my android device. I may have changed some godot settings which I have forgotten and it makes the shadow to become no more available in my android device.

How to show shadow in my android device? Anyone please help.

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