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Hey. I am trying to make my Particles2D behave like actual dirt for example. They are only emitted when the player hits the ground (already figured that out with a RayCast2D).

How can I make them go up at normal speed, make them slower and slower until they reach their peak and then make them go down again. I think you know which kind of behaviour I'm talking about.


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There are several parameters to play, but the ones that define this behavior are:
Direction: Set the direction of the particles. In this negative case for the particles to rise
Velocity: The speed or force with which they rise.
Gravity: so that the particles go down.
As far as I know, the particles still don't have a collision system, but they can control the lifetime parameter to specify how long it takes for the particle to die.


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Thanks. The effect looks much better now.

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Try this:

-RigidBodyParticles2D by danboo

As far as I know, theres no built in way to do that sort of thing in the way that the Particles2D node currently works.

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