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i'm trying to a create a solar system simulation, hopefully with correct proportion between planets and orbit radius.
However, since the distances are waaay bigger than the planets itself, the camera farproperty strikes in, and clips away objects that in reality might be visible (e.g. seeing the sun from earth, or a planet from its satellite).

Ideally, i need to remove the far max limit of 8192: I dont think it will have any performance issue, as the scene is basically empty, but is it even possible?

Another solution i found is to place far away objects closer than what they are (within the camera far range), and to shrink them accordingly so they appear further away.
It works perfectly when only one of this fake object is present, but if two of them overlap it is possible to see the meshes intersectin. E.g: looking at the Moon during an eclipse, would results in the Sun and the Moon meshing together because technically they are in the same spot!
I partially solved it with the flag_no_depth_test, while controlling the render priority of the mesh (the Moon is closer so I render it on top of the Sun, even if they are technically in the same position), however the nodepthtest material is always rendered on top of any dept-tested materials, making the far away object always on top of closer (in the previous example, you would see the moon through Earth!).
So, my second question: is it possible to render nodepthtest material BELOW any other "normal" mesh, instead of on top?

Thanks a lot!

asked May 27 in Engine by Andrea (519 points)

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