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I have an issue where I'm trying to code an animation to play, but I don't want it to be a looping animation. I want it to play from start to finish every time it's called while it isn't already playing.

But it doesn't seem to restart from the beginning, and I can't easily find any method for resetting or rewinding the time line of an animation.

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Hmm, the regular play() function of AnimationPlayer always starts at the beginning for me.

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Seek doesn't work?

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Ah, yes, missed that. I suppose it does, but it doesn't stop the animation player. I've found though that stop() in script by default will reset the animation, so it does the same as seek(0).

Thanks for pointing me to that. X)

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AnimationPlayer method play() restarts animation if it was stopped

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For my case to correctly reset the animationSprite I had to set the frame back to 0.

animation_sprite.frame = 0


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