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My player has an up, down, left, right aim i want to put my in between animations when changing aim.

Like if im facing right and want to aim down the inbetween would be my down right animation and if aiming up it would be my aim up right and vice versa.

Is there a was to put inbetweens using the AnimationPlayer.

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You need to trigger the animations that you want to show first before switching over to the final ones. Or use Tween.

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Is there no way in the Animation Node I can set parameters to automatically choose the correct animation.

You can choose which animation to play, and which frame, but it might be a trickier solution. See https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_animationplayer.html:

   String assigned_animation

Setter  set_assigned_animation(value)
Getter  get_assigned_animation()

If playing, the current animation; otherwise, the animation last played. When set, would change the animation, but would not play it unless currently playing. See also current_animation.
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