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So I've been working in Godot for a little bit now and I just noticed an issue with my player when stationary. If the player's KinematicBody2Dis standing on two colliders (I'm using the default TileMap collision system). The player vibrates ever so slightly, and it causes visual tearing because the camera is attempting to follow these sub-pixel vibrations.

I assume this is some kind of floating-point issue as the collider from the player attempts to resolve two separate collisions, but the _velocity output on my kinematic body after a move and slide is (0,0).

So far I've verified that my Snap Controls To Pixels is toggled off, smoothing on the Camera doesn't do anything, and the problem doesn't manifest on single static bodies with a collider on the correct layer.

Footage of the jitter.

asked May 25 in Engine by John Dunham (13 points)

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