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I want to make it possible for the character to catch an item by pressing the “catch” button, and throw the item using the “throw” button. How should I do it?

asked May 25 in Engine by start123 (43 points)

We need much more information. 2D/3D? what kind of "item"? A Rigidbody(2D)? etc etc etc

Item is just a sprite. The character should go to item, click on the button and it will move to his inventory. The character must click on the button and item will move from inventory to the world in front of the character.

You can tell which kind of "item" is better to use.

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For 3D I can recommend you the "3D FPP Interaction Demo":

answered May 25 by juppi (304 points)

I marked 2D in tags, what does 3D have to do with it?

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