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HEY! i have a function trying to give a random number between 0 and the size on an array
for some reason it always prints out 39 (the array size is 64) here's the code:

func gunspawner():
    for x in range(global.map_size.x):
        for y in range(global.map_size.y):
            if global.map[x][y] == global.EMPTY:
    var choose_place = int(rand_range(0,available_slots_spawns.size()))
    gun.position = Vector2(global.map_coord[available_slots_spawns[choose_place][0]][available_slots_spawns[choose_place][1]])

thanks for taking the time to look at my code :)

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have you tried to call function randomize() in your _ready() function?

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THANKS!! it worked perfectly

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