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Good morning. I don't understand how I could handle a purchase in my game.

I tried to do everything according to the documentation, but the purchase does not work.

I added the product to Google Play Console.

I added "com.android.vending.BILLING" permisson to my project in Project -> Export -> Android -> Permissions -> Custom Permissions .

I added an iap file from github Godot and I set it up as an autoload in Project -> Project Settings -> AutLoad. It is this file https://github.com/godotengine/godot-demo-projects/blob/master/misc/android_iap/iap.gd

I can normally use references by typing iap in any file.

Could someone show me how to make a in game purchase with Godot?

When I click the " BUY" button, I have this script

func _on_Buy_50_pressed(): # Button pressed
iap.connect("purchase_success", self, "purchase_success_callback") # Connect
iap.purchase("50gold")   # Buy item with id=50gold

And this is my purchasesuccesscallback(item) function

func purchase_success_callback(item):
GOLD += 50
print(item + " has purchased")

Could someone show me how to do it right?

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