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As a weekend project, I need a process that would parse a script file of a "custom" language, read into godot and populate some scenes with logic (hint: it's part of an adventure game concept).

Is using GDNative C/C++ a good idea to implement a small lexer/parser and eval, assuming that in godot I might not be as comfortable to do these operations and they might clunky and slower?

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From my experience, small interpreters dont use too much cpu or ram, so gdscript should be fine, it has a pretty good match statement, but if you are more comfortable in c++, then just use that.

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Godot has the Expression class, which can help parsing expressions for custom interpreters: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_expression.html

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Interesting, so the rest Lexer / Parser would be implemented as an autoload script, right?

Autoload is not required to use Expression, it's up to you how you set this up.

Just thinking out loud there :)

Thanks for your help very much!

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