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Our Planetarium is an educational Godot project that needs to be integrated with a web-browser. We already have a functioning web deployment. What I'm talking about here is a downloadable app. I want to "package" the browser so that I have a simple, sandboxed interface to wikipedia.org, nasa.gov, etc.

So I built an experimental solution with Electron here that was quick to implement and works. It's the 1st of two options:

  1. Desktop "browser app" (eg, electron) runs Planetarium as HTML5 page.
  2. Planetarium (native to platform) runs packaged web browser.

Well, #2 is advantageous for graphics potential, although our planetarium does OK with GLES2/WebGL. The only reason I thought #1 might be more performant is that there is only 1 "engine" (Chromium) running both systems: the browser & planetarium (the latter as a WebAssembly .wasm project). This might be totally negated by worse performance of the Godot project as .wasm versus native. Heck if I know.

Do experts have opinion on #1 versus #2 for performance?

Also, are there alternatives to Electron that I should look at?

I'm pretty dumb on this stuff. It's all trial and error. I appreciate thoughts from folks that have a better sense of these things than I have.

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