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First of all I'm new to godot and trying to follow some tutorials to produce a very basic game, the current tutorial is teaching to make a game in which the player dodges enemies. However when a collision is detected nothing happens as the method cannot be found even though it all seems to be spelled correctly, giving the error:

emitsignal: Error calling method from signal 'bodyentered': 'Area2D(Player.cs)::PlayerHit': Method not found..

The connection is made in the ready procedure for the player.

Connect("body_entered", this, nameof(PlayerHit));

and this is the routine I'm trying to get it to call:

public void PlayerHit()
    Hide(); // Player disappears after being hit.
    GetNode<CollisionShape2D>("CollisionShape2D").SetDeferred("disabled", true);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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body_entered expects the function to receive a Node, you need to change the function to this:

public void PlayerHit(Node body) { ... }
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Thanks so much i was really stuck and it was as simple as that :)

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